Incentive Structure

Rewards and incentives for Campus Ambassador:

  1. Certificates of participation to all the Campus Ambassadors who perform the tasks diligently.
  2. Top 10 Campus Ambassadors will be given Platinum Certificates, Next 20 will be given Gold Certificates and Next 20 will be given Silver Certificates.
  3. Discounts on accommodation will be provided for 2 nights during Eximius 2021.
  4. Exclusive Campus Ambassador Merchandises on arriving at campus.
  5. 25% off on “n” workshops (depending upon registrations for workshops).
  6. Special incentives and gift hampers worth up to Rs 5000/- for weekly and overall Top performers
  7. After a period of 1 month, Top 50 Campus Ambassadors will be interviewed out of which 30 will be selected as Co-Managers.

Responsibilities of Co-Managers will include the following:

  1. Manage the working of 50 Campus Ambassadors assigned to them.
  2. Data Entry of work done by Campus Ambassadors on common portal.
  3. All responsibilities of Campus Ambassadors will have to be carried forward by Co-Manager in their own as well as neighbouring colleges.

Rewards and incentives for Co-Managers:

  1. Min 5 Pronites tickets and 10 certified workshop registrations: Bronze Certificate + 1 Free Pronite Premium Pass + Free entry to 1 workshop
  2. Min 15 Pronites tickets and 20 certified workshop registrations: Silver Certificate + 2 Free Pronites Premium Passes (Approx. Rs 3000) + Free entry to 2 workshops
  3. Min 25 Pronites tickets and 25 certified workshop registrations: Gold Certificate + 3 free Pronites Premium Passes (Approx. Rs 6000) + 2 Free Workshops + Food coupons worth INR 300
  4. Min 30 Pronites tickets and 30 certified workshop registrations: Platinum Certificate+ 3 free Pronites Premium Passes (Approx. Rs 6000) + 3 Free Workshops + Food coupons worth INR 500.
  5. Exclusive goodies for all the co-managers.

Special Rewards and Hall of Fame:

  1. Top 5 Co-managers and 3 Campus Ambassadors will be felicitated during Eximius 2021 at the closing ceremony.
  2. The college with maximum participation in events/speaker sessions gets “Hall of Fame” award and will be archived on our website and in all our social handles.

Due to a high surge in merchandise orders and lockdown issues in some cities, please expect some delay in the delivery. Hope you understand.