All that you need to know about Parivartan: Be a Part of the Solution

Eximius 2021 in association with the Environment and Sustainability club of IIM Bangalore and the Balipara Foundation presents “Parivartan: Be a part of the solution”, a green-case study event with nature and sustainability at its core.

The Balipara Foundation takes a community-based approach to conservation through the proprietary concepts of Naturenomics™️ (Nature + Economics) and Rural Futures, to create socioeconomic mobility through habitats, equipping Eastern Himalayan communities to be stewards of their natural assets. As they scale and expand the work in forest ecosystem restoration, they increasingly recognize the need to move beyond engaging on the CSR sphere with firms for programmatic funding, but to drive a full-scale transformation of supply chains and natural resource use. This green-case competition requires the students to put on their consulting hats and be a part of the solution. Remember, “Sustainability is the way forward”.

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