All that you need to know about Social Pact: Pitch your Social Impact Idea

Social Pact is an event to bring together Corporates & Incubators and non-profit early-stage ventures (Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), start-ups in the social sector), and student teams looking towards making an impact in the social sector.

Social Entrepreneurs and NGOs are crucial in driving transformative change, meeting the unmet needs of society, and working to implement viable solutions. In the initial stages of these entities, mentors and partners can play a transformational role in guiding them.

In recent times, India has witnessed a growth in the number of NGOs and social enterprises. However, in order to buoy their chances of making a strong impact in society, sound mentorship and funding become very important. Social Pact is conceived with the aim to bridge the gap between social enterprises & NGOs and Corporates who can incubate them, thus facilitating sharing of knowledge, resources, expertise, and support. It provides a platform for Corporates to gain access to these entities which are filtered through suitable evaluation methodologies and thus provides an opportunity to identify and collaborate with them to make a sustainable social impact.

Who can participate?

  • Students pursuing a bachelors degree or higher
  • Non-Profit Social Enterprises, 0-2 years since the date of registration
  • Social impact start-ups (for-profit & non-profit) in their early stages seeking incubation

Incubators & Corporates in Social Pact ’21:

  • NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore
  • Digital Impact Square, TCS Foundation

Judging Criteria:

All rounds will be judged on the following criteria.

  • Social Impact: Impact made upon the targeted groups/beneficiaries and in the domain of operation. The impact must be based upon adequate measurable and quantifiable metrics.
  • Innovation: The idea will be evaluated on any new processes, modes of operation, any other innovation that has resulted in improved performance and/or impactful change in the domain of operation.
  • Financial metrics: Metrics like investments, operating costs vs impact, etc. will be considered.

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