All that you need to know about Visago 2.0: Selling the Bestseller

To pen the right words is a challenge but so is putting it in the right hands! Be it a dramatic rom-com, an engaging travelogue or a soul-stirring adventure, there must be a way for the book to find its readers. No matter how divine the book is, a perfect marketing plan is a must ingredient for a perfect experience. So here we are with Visago 2.0, an opportunity to build the best marketing strategy for a book. Its time to put that business suit with your creative hats and amaze us with smashing ideas! 

Judging Criteria:

  • Round 2: STP, 4Ps, communication methods, wordplay, and PPT design will be considered.
  • Round 3: Addressing target groups, originality, acting, theme, language, and ability to handle Q&A will be considered.

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