Manish Patel

Founder, Mswipe Technologies

Mr Manish Patel is a serial entrepreneur who quit medical practice 25 years ago to start his first business - Milestone Mercandise P Ltd., a Company which pioneered introduction of draught beer dispensing systems in India. The operation started in Jan 1991 with monthly sales of Rs. 0.09 million. In a decade the Company’s annual sales reached Rs. 1,800 million & the Company distributed a wide range of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages across western India. Enthused by the success of Milestone and given his background in medicine and commerce, Manish founded TSVi Inc in 2000, a Company which provided medical claims processing to physicians and small hospitals across the US. Manish sold both the above businesses ~ 2017 to focus solely on Mswipe. In January 2009, Manish started a few specialty wine and beer retail stores in Mumbai and wanted to accept card payments from customers. Manish realized that the terms such as terminal charges, bank rates, transaction fee, infrastructure requirements were extremely onerous for a small merchant. Add to this, the typical neighbourhood store model in India of home delivery, conventional landline-based POS terminal proved useless. This led to a pursuit for a better and more cost-effective POS solution and in 2011 Manish founded Mswipe Technologies P Ltd to bring to market a mobile phone-based card processing solution. Mswipe has grown over the past 9 years to become India’s largest non-bank POS terminal merchant services provider. • 500,000 customers • Processes US$ 3.5 bn payments / year • Employs 4,000 people • Unlike most startups is profitable

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